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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 24, 2024 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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if it was not going to south carolina, her home state. so pleased that donald trump was just going to wallop her, but i think it makes sense. she has the money. see what happens. but it is garnering the ire of trump and the question is, what he will do or vivek or one of his surrogates will do to try to smear haley more and more and that gets ugly like it was with george w. bush and john mccain many years ago. >> neil: we will have to watch it closely. i hope to get you back. so many great books. sometimes we repeat history or at our peril to ignore it. just a reminder, we had a record on the s&p 500. the bull market is still going on. the dow a little is fortunate. nasdaq going just fine. here's the five. ♪ ♪
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>> hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro, along with jessica tarlov, charlie hurt, martha maccallum, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is the five. ♪ ♪ the dust is settling in new hampshire and the reigning champ remains undefeated. former president trump another huge win in the gop primary. and defeating nikki haley by a significant margin of 11 points. with victory making trump the first gop candidate since 1976 to a win both iowa and new hampshire. there's no doubt about it. the momentum is firmly on trump's side. nikki haley is refusing to call it quits. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory tonight. you all heard the chatter among the political class. they are falling all over themselves saying this race is
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over. >> it is not over it! >> whoa, i have news for all of them. new hampshire is first in the nation. it is not the last in the nation. [cheers and applause] >> jeanine: former president trump was not too pleased to hear from you at nikki haley was staying in the race and he went scorched earth on her. >> i can go up and i can say to everybody, oh, thank you for the victory. it is wonderful. or i can go up and say, who the hell was the impostor who went on the estate and claim to victory? she did very poorly. i watch her in the fancy dress that probably was not so fancy. i come up and i said, what is she doing? we want. >> jeanine: nikki haley getting help from people who were not registered republicans. fox news for analysis says 67% of independents picked haley as did 94% of undeclared democrats. and it looks like the liberal network caught up with one of them.
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>> i voted for nikki haley certainly a strategic vote. i would not vote for her in a general election. our differences with climate change and the right to bodily autonomy or incarceration rates. i think both of nikki haley is helps diminish trump's influence in the rnc and their nomination is also a threat to our democracy. >> jeanine: you know, martha, it is not the first time we are hearing is that people who took advantage of the fact that independence 40% of them can vote at the new hampshire primary. for either major party. and to play games, where they vote for nikki haley in the general election. >> martha: it is not a huge size who actually play that game. there are about 4,000 voters who filed early enough to impress, to democrats who wanted to participate, they had to do it by the beginning of october in order to do that. this is the limit free diet -- live free or die estate. i'm sorry, i can't talk. but so the largest political
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party, the largest political group in that -- in the state of new hampshire is independents. they are larger than republicans and democrats. and we are seeing this around the country. we are seeing 43% now, registered as independents and i think what is going on here besides that young man and i think there is a very small slice of the pie in reality. but i think what is going on here if you're getting something called and i read a very interesting article, the great scramble. and you are seeing movement in these parties. you are seeing people who are, you know, then-president trump has created this movement that is kind of in and of itself its own very few's driven force in the. and it is getting people, it is getting latino. >> is getting black voters. he is now getting college women. he is getting a lot of people crossing into that category. and if that continues to increase, that is going to be a very, very compelling argument for him for another term. but you also have to look at these people who feel left out
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by the process who consider themselves conservatives who are looking for something else. and the question is, whether or not, you know, as a sort of quasi-incumbent, someone who was president and now is a president and wants to be president again, what kind of numbers does he need to get over that hurdle, you know? is he getting those numbers to get back in? if you are the incoming president, you are going to be with your own party at 84, 85, 90% in some cases, right? so this is just what we watch, you know, in terms of the politics and how it all moves of the course of the next 10 months. >> jeanine: all right, greg, it sounds like nikki haley is claiming victory. she came in second in new hampshire. it looks like she is going to be trounced in north carolina. her own stay where you got everyone, lieutenant governor, the government or the congresspeople, both united states senators, she is going to get carolina. what is she thinking? >> greg: this is the system. this is what you don't you can't concede until you concede. right. it is like all the money goes
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away and she has -- it is like, we could all see it. and clearly she did not win the vote of democrats. if the democrats had not been in there, it would have been more lopsided than, like, a sexy dude contest between me and kilmeade. this reminds me of the gamestop controversy. remember? with all of the amateur trainers, drove up the price of a videogame company. at the press with nuts. and then the company, you know, returned to obscurity and media acted like it never happened. i feel like that is what this is. it is a great story for a couple of days. but it is artificially created. and there's something about trump when ever he is in a risk everybody else sounds like a politician. or acts like a politician. and it forces people to choose their brains and nikki, to my chagrin, i'm not even sure i'm using that word correctly. to my chagrin, she chose the identity lane. and which event the media and fed the democrats and got her
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democrats. but for me as a conservative libertarian who turns me off and turns off republicans. because we get enough of that identity baloney from the other side. so it felt like she was not running against trump running against the party by pandering to democrats. it was almost like her strategy was, hey, i'm not as racist as the party i belong to. so she talked about her race and mentioned her gender. these postmortems always undermine the manufactured hoopla that precedes it. right? it was kind of weak creating the energy, anxiety, and excitement and then, oh yeah, we knew how this was going to go. it is let people building up weatherman building up a giant snow may get in and then you only get 2 inches. this is where you would insert the jesse watters joke. >> jeanine: okay. you know, i will ask this of you, just couldn't get the truth is that last night, cnn, msnbc,
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again, they decided to pull out of coverage donald trump said, it took the stage. you know, the democrats claim that they are the protectors of democracy, they don't even want to have the americans here, someone who is destined to be the party's nominee. how is that democratic? >> i think they dipped out of the coverage when he lied about winning new hampshire in 2020. it was a fact-checked. it was not like we don't want to see him. it was different than i want. or at least msnbc did not want to take it and rachel maddow talk about that. no. okay. that is what they -- know. he won the primary, but he lost handily obviously to joe biden in 2020. that was not what he was talking about. >> jeanine: what about the concept of not allowing a man, i mean, don't we trust the american people to make decisions so that they could tell us what to think?
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>> jessica: i'm all for putting him out of there as much as possible and letting people continue to see it. the more people see of donald trump, the more they dislike him and vote against him. that is what happen. the campaign trail, he was a turnoff for people and that is why he lost by several million votes. but i don't work at cnn or msnbc. there's obviously a reason that they made their -- their decisions. i think that we should show all the candidates. i like that dean phillips talks to people here. i think it says something about who they believe are going to vote for them and what their intentions are in terms of being good with democrats. >> martha: you are covering the election on new hampshire and they come out and do their speech, you do this page. you want to talk about it afterwards and critique it, fine. but you can take away their opportunity to watch it. you could just turn the channel and watch us because we will show all this. >> jessica: and we have great coverage and i was thrilled to be a part of it.
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i'm not agreeing with the plant. i would have aired it. in terms of the outcome, and i said this in iowa as well. it does the liberals know it favors to deny the successes that trip has had, but he didn't in our what was historic year getting passed 50%. that is a that is a huge win last night. it has not been done since 1976. but that does not change the fact that there are these huge flashing red lights for the republican party and that is what nikki haley is talking about. so that she wants 67% of independents, if that trend continues, then it is higher than it was in iowa and i doubt it will increase to south carolina. but we know that independence decided the election in 2020. and then two really big numbers that matter that have jumped from i work at 43% of supporters in iowa said i won't vote for him in the general election. that went up to 70% in new hampshire. and then the question in the exit polls about what happens if donald trump is convicted, of a felony, right? he has these 91 accounts out there. an hour, 32% said that they will
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not support him. and that number dropped to 50%. you cannot win a general election with those kinds of numbers. and that is the case that nikki haley is making on one of these republican donors will continue to pump money into an alternative, because there are republicans who are extremely dissatisfied. >> jeanine: okay, but charlie, i may ask you this. the fact that in both new hampshire and in our work, immigration, and of the first. the economy came in second. there's no question if you want to talk about whether or not from is going to win, everyone, all of the polls show that tr trip . >> charlie: and those issues are important for anyone, especially independence. i also think it is interesting to hear democrats are always saying, we want to face donald trump because he will be so easy to beat. to every opportunity they get, they go out and vote for nikki haley. so i don't -- i don't really understand what the strategy there is. but, you know, going back to the
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big picture here, nikki haley is -- if you want to know what money does in politics, money allows her to stay in the race and that is why she is staying in that respect the reason ron desantis had to get out of the race is he had no money left. and so she is going to be able, and my suspicion is that she is out with an ad already. she is going to sort of test the waters for about a week and kind of see if the numbers move in south carolina. and then she will make a decision after that because if she goes into south carolina, she would have lost iowa, new hampshire, and nevada and then she is going to be going into her home state and she has to reckon with the idea that, in her, she honestly thinks she has a bright future for republican politics, you know, the runner up for lost time is always in the best position and between, you know, she is going to try to consider herself that runner-up. but do you want to fall into the ash heap of people like al gore and john edwards who lost their own state, which is like beyond
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humanly. >> jeanine: it is. >> charlie: so i think at some point, and in that big money, that is behind her, because you are right. they don't like trump. and another thing about the big scramble, we talk about third-party candidates and third-party, the american system is very hostile to third-party candidates. but donald trump is sort of like are first third-party candidate. our first independiente to everyone. and he pisses everybody off, republicans and democrats. and the fact that he has undone the answer to every election in memory has been money. if you have more money, you always win. except in the case of donald trump. hillary clinton, he beat nikki haley and ron desantis, even though they -- they outspent him massively. >> the enthusiasm is very real. >> but he is still losing. >> jeanine: we will see. i had, the media and democrats want to put grandpa joe in the basement again so he can win in
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♪ i've spent all my years of believing you mac but i can't get over ♪ ♪ somebody ♪ >> the liberal media is breaking biden to take a page from the 2020 campaign and just keep the whole thing in the basement like last time. the president winning big in the new hampshire primaries despite the fact that his name was not on the ballot because they decided to skip new hampshire. so it was all right in and he never had to come to the granite state and campaign at all. from obama aide manny jones thinks that the secret to securing a biden victory in
2:19 pm
november maybe by doing the same strategy all over again and keeping him out of the public eye. listen to this. >> a valerie biden, i would stay hidden and i tell you why. he does not inspire confidence. and he is not a great messenger for himself, trump's strength, his resilience is a reflection of biden's fragility. republicans are not afraid of joe biden. they are not afraid. >> martha: so even when he does come out, he ends up meeting with hector by his own party. they were pro-palestinian alice agitators interrupting him a dozen times during a speech yesterday. watch this. >> president biden: frankly, donald trump and maga republicans including the woman hollering -- [crowd chanting] this is going to go on for a while. i got this plan.
2:20 pm
>> martha: that woman was yelling, i voted for you, i voted for you. to joe biden, judge jeanine. the question is, can the -- first of all, you got to just absorb that reaction on the said when he is saying this, when van jones, who i think is very straightforward says, what is on his mind. he is like, i don't think does he does not inspire confidence that people around the table, axelrod was there, keep those to be his press secretary and was very involved in the first campaign. kind of like, -- >> jeanine: it really is disappointing when you hear democrats who, you look at people respect them. i respect them for what they are saying and they are basically saying, you know, he is not a good messenger. he does not inspire people. but what kind of party would put up a candidate, a presidential candidate that they openly admit does not inspire confidence, he is not a good messenger. i mean, he is so desperate for parrots that they rather appear
2:21 pm
weak on the world stage unable to, you know, a concept and subjugate us to russia and china and north korea. you know? and you can only have so many surrogates, martha. not that many people can go out and say you are the greatest person who ever lived. but you know, 66% of his own party does not want him to run. 77% of him think he is too old. i think it is cognitive. you have someone like dean phillips, 99% of the country does not know who he is. he just started a couple months ago. and finally, biden is in trouble with blacks, with young voters, with progressives, hamas as you just saw. as well as the latinos. and you know, there's literally no enthusiasm for this man. and so now he has got a pac who is going to give a million dollars to tiktok to try to get influencers to say, he is such a hot character. my concern is this, you know? how did the democrats, you know, you're so much about democracy
2:22 pm
when they are willing to sell it short by putting out a guide that they don't think is the best candidate in this country. >> martha: so jess, if you were advising him, how would you tell him to run his campaign? >> jessica: i would tell him to be out there as much as possible. we hear about the lack of enthusiasm picture but it is the first write-in campaign in history would have been in new hampshire. he is on track to get more votes than barack obama did in 2012. you talk about dean phillips. about 20%. sure, but let's talk about the unity. , only 10% of democratic voters, self reporting this, that would not support joe biden. we are completely unified. >> that is a normal -- >> jessica: we have been talking about donald trump as a quasi-coveted. he is acting like he is an incumbent. he actually thinks that he won in 2020. and he, 50% you get 60,000 votes and 70% of his competitors, voters won't even go for him.
2:23 pm
but i hear about this basement campaign all the time, 2020, and even from now, we don't see joe biden. a shocking that we get all this finish somehow. but he is out there and he is doing meaningful things. he was with the united auto workers getting their endorsement and the person talking about how to trip when they had a stroke in 2019 did not do anything. yesterday, he had a rally for reproductive rights in virginia. is going. is going to be a crucial issue for as. mother, the reproductive health care access task force. he went to raleigh and thursday to talk about broadband access and to made with an educator and the impact student loans has had on his family and they have made some very meaningful content. that man is not hiding. and he is doing well and democrats are happy with their choice. >> martha: then the choice is likely going to be trump versus biden. i'm thinking of that moment in new hampshire is a frequent presenter was coming out of an event and he went over it and
2:24 pm
started talking to reporters. and you can see his paperwork, we got to go. but he wants to answer my questions and more questions all off the cuff, all very transparent. so what is this race going to look like between these two people? >> everyone is voting -- the democrats are voting against the road trip which is what the unity there is. the thing that i think is most amazing about what happened yesterday is that you have in this election, the democrats are going to try to make it all about democracy and election integrity. they conducted a collection. none of the boats that were cast yesterday are going to actually count. which is amazing to me that they are going to be lecturing us about elections and democracy. and likely, for the biden camp, some people got together and drag them across with the write-in campaign, which is helpful for him, i guess. but i don't think that it means that there is going to be great unity once you get into the
2:25 pm
throes of a general election. >> martha: you have so many people, grega, axelrod, van jones, saying he does not inspire anyone. but can that work twice? can that were four years apart one that whole situation was covid driven, at least. >> greg: his numbers are in the basement. it has got to suck when the person you claim you're going to support and vote for president, you have to hide. i mean, you actually are not sick -- this is my guy but we can show him. we can't take him outside. but we are willing to have him as president? how can you hold those thoughts in your head? as you know, i always call for suggestions because of that type of person. did you know that the pope has a probe mobile? i think they should have a basement will build so that they can put joe in a basement. and he could just sit there and
2:26 pm
have his hot cocoa, maybe some pudding and it just moves around. it is wide. he can feel very comfortable but i think the examples that jessica gave of things that he is doing our lives. student forgiveness and abortion rallies. you are killing a beast. he is used to that. i think we are building toward a scenario where joe biden will be seen as justified not to debate trump. right? we can't give trump evil ideas any traction. cnn and msnbc have already done that. i think this is how, i think if he is not doing this, if he is not even going to bother campaigning, he sure as hell is not going to debate. what it is? i don't know. >> trump will want to debate h him, you can guarantee that. >> jessica: public appearances outside of a quarter -- courthouse are not -- >> martha: but you would have to
2:27 pm
debate in the general election. >> jeanine: and the resilience that van jones talk about just shows how -- >> jessica: van jones los to pull up democrats. >> jeanine: he is a well-respected democrat. >> jessica: i love that you love a democrat. >> i love you. at you. >> martha: a chicago suburb challenging democrats to live up to their values and take in illegal immigrants into their large mansions. ♪ ♪ choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more - can be overwhelming. so, ask your doctor about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start. it's the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. so far, more than 5 million botox® treatments have been given to over eight hundred and fifty thousand chronic migraine patients.
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♪ i'm a handyman ♪ ♪ constant sorrow ♪ >> sanctuary cities, democrats in a suburb or putting to the test on how much they love
2:32 pm
migrants. they revealed city councilmember josh is going viral after asking his compassionate community to sign up to the house illegal immigrants in their mansions. >> we do have a very affluent community. a lot of big homes and what i would like to do is to direct staff to create a sign-up sheet so, you know, for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families and if there's people that would do that, god blessed them. i think we need to find out who would be willing to house migrant families. >> charlie: and in nearby chicago, black residents are suing the ultra woke mayor for showering 35,000 illegal immigrants with resources like screenings and $50,000 in grants for per-person. judge, my question to you is, are you going to house migrants
2:33 pm
in your home? tran14 not a chance. first of all, they started with the hotels in new york city. half of them this summer were killed. they are illegal immigrants. okay? they are not migrants. unless you tell me that they have already gotten approval by a court saying that they are migrating because they are being persecuted in their country, then we did the schools. have the schools that we used are closed down because we did not have enough money to keep them open. but we have enough money to put the illegal immigrants in them. and now they want them in my home. unless you read them, unless you fingerprint them, do a check, unless you tell me who is a pedophile, who is a rapist, unless you prove to be a clean, that you suffer if i lose anything. if there's anything that ida's or any kind of crime that occurs around my house. i am sick and tired of veterans being thrown out of facilities and illegal immigrants being moved into it. it is time and the blacks in
2:34 pm
chicago were suing brandon johnson. they have had enough of it. they are americans. 28% of them are below the poverty line. and they don't like that the illegals are being taken care of better than they are as american citizens. it is not right. >> charlie: so jessica, anytime democrats, to size for policies like different the police, they say, we are not part of the phone the police. the democrats are the party of century city. how could you know, how is this not the fault of democrat leaders. >> jessica: the origins of century city's were not just democrats but now it is upheld by them. there were were democrats like rudy giuliani. you have a strong dissatisfaction amongst liberals in these cities who are not looking to turn into republicans but want to be heard. and we talked about the story a couple months ago in chicago. there was a city meeting and all of these residents showed up and said, we want to put on this.
2:35 pm
let our voice be heard on whether we can take in these busloads that are coming from texas and arizona and they were denied that opportunity. and that is -- yeah. someone said yesterday when we were on in new hampshire, how many people do you think can fit in eagle pass? if they can fit in chicago, they can't be in this tiny border town. and i know that this councilman, you know, he was depending apparently. he was making a joke. but it is something that i hear regularly and you do at a certain point have to live up to the policies and the values that you espouse and liberal city mayors are frustrated and they are hearing it from their residence. of all races, colors, creeds, all of it. just this is not working. >> charlie: so martha, how do you see this playing out politically? >> martha: i think the move to the bus people from texas and
2:36 pm
florida and send them to other places, please change the entire dynamic of this conversation and that's what you have immigration number one now because everybody understands what it is like to live in eagle pass, texas, because their kids in some cases are kicked out of school to make room for migrants to sleep in their classrooms or they have their -- they are overflowing because they have new people. it is absolutely ridiculous that there's no structure to this. i had john kirby on the other day. i said, do we have a southern border? he said, yes, ma'am. how many people can go across it? hundreds of thousands of people came across the border. we are working very hard to fix it. we need congressional action. that is why the president has asked for additional funding. but at some point, we have to acknowledge that what you are doing is failing dramatically. so don't give the same answer every time when it is failing dramatically. and this is going to bite them in the selection. it is going to be a huge issue. >> charlie: and it is not like
2:37 pm
the laws have changed, but the policies have for. >> greg: i feel bad for mcbroom because i have been him many times where you just make a really subtle joke and people believe it. it was like -- and it goes viral. is like, dude, i was just having fun and it was very clever. liberals have a problem. they always focus on the benefits of perceived benefits of their actions but they never factor in the consequences. they always look at the upside and never the downside. our job and what mcbroom was doing was confronting them with a downside of their actions, whether it is, you know, immigration or crime or emigration your areas where liberals propose ideas and never, never decide to assess the damage that their so called help will bring. this is another idea that came downstream from the five. i think we were the first to say, bus them to the city's. and i have sent this. i said, they should be living in
2:38 pm
the homes of the politicians or we should bust them to their homes. bus the criminals when they are released. send them to the neighborhoods of the d.a.s and i think the brilliance of the migrant busing, it will people up to the problems of liberal thinking. you know. you can say immigration is a wonderful. you get these able bodies, hooray. but then but then you see in-text jobs. it lowers wages, and it drains services from the people who need them, the citizens who are there. hence the lawsuit. so i think this is just more brilliance on the part of republicans. >> charlie: have you ever thought about running for public office, greg? >> greg: i have. >> have you spoken to greg? do you know anything about his past? [laughter] >> greg: thank-you. >> charlie: coming up, woke liberals demanding businesses stay open in crime and it -- crime-ridden cities. >> greg: that will never happen. ♪ ♪
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nice to meet ya.
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♪ i'm not like them ♪ >> jessica: america's crisis taking a bite out of in-n-out burger. they are closing their only token located. setting crime and safety concerns as the reason why. an opinion columnist for the san francisco chronicle is not pleased by the move. she tweeted, "in-n-out is a fast food chain driven by profit goals." if their pow priorities are the community it serves, they will not be needing. >> jeanine: i'm disgusted by this. you know, you should not worry about the number of employees that were assaulted and the new employees coming in who don't want to take the job because they don't want to get assaulted or, you know, the fact that it
2:44 pm
takes police longer to get there because the police have been confronted -- 911 is not as fast as it used to be. and you can't get police who want to work late because everyone is getting beat up for their cars are getting broken into and your -- and this woman who is a former blogger who is a cohost of a podcast called the races sandwich, she wants, she wants you to stay in business because she does. i mean, it is just stupid. >> jessica: that is what i want to you first. charlie, this in-n-out has been there for 20 years. it is actually part of the community and people's kids have worked there and then gone on to college. >> charlie: i'm just impressed by the amount of homework you did. >> jessica: for this blog. >> charlie: i missed that part. then again, there were the important parts. this is the definition. the actual definition of communism where you control the means of production and you say,
2:45 pm
no, you cannot go out of business. even though you are the same people, not you, but these people, they are the same people who ushered in all of the misery with all of their crazy lunatic policies that make it have to close in the first place. >> jessica: greg, do you like in-n-out burger or whataburger? >> greg: i'm trying to think what a racist sandwich would be like. blm t? >> jeanine: talking about race, gender, and class in sandwiches. >> greg: she does not go outside. footy pajamas all day. that is what her life is. when you hear on the store is closing in oakland, you are sure that there are still remaining stores in oakland. if you are going to open a store in oakland, that is like getting dressed for the captain's table in the titanic. it is common knowledge, this is gavin newsom's favorite family
2:46 pm
restaurant. this is a direct attack on him, for his family. i also use the grease from the burger wrappers to shellac his hair. this is a big gut punch to newsom. this has got to hurt. >> jessica: mater? >> martha: i think everything has been said. >> greg: a really? >> martha: it is the town's responsibility to encourage small business to thrive and you do that by giving them incentives to stay open. maybe they should be given companies tax breaks in order to encourage them to be in oakland and think they are going to have to provide police security and they will have to put people in jail when they break in. >> jessica: up next, outrage after the oscars snubbed the women of "barbie" but nominate ken. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ ( bell ringing) customize and save with libberty bibberty.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm just ken ♪ ♪ anywhere else, i would be a tent ♪ ♪ it is my destiny ♪ ♪ agility.
2:51 pm
>> oh, my god. >> greg: and i'm just greg. fans of "barbie" are outreach after the oscars snubbed the actresses. ryan gosling, my look-alike got nominated for his portrayal of ken even he was not pleased by the patriarchy winning again saying, "there is no ken without barbie. to say i'm disappointed that they are not nominated would be an understatement." martha, you have been chomping at the bit over this. does this mean we still have a long way to go for women? >> martha: i'm sure everyone in his position feels bad for the other people in the movie, did not get nominated. when i watch the movie, i thought it was -- did not know what it was. it was time to read so many things at once. at first, i thought it was "toy story." i get an. and i thought it was "elf." cut leaves cut world. but then it started blaring on all of these crazy heavy-handed
2:52 pm
ridiculous things about the patriarchy and how women all just feel like the standard is so hard for them that they can't get it. the only thing i left that made me laugh so hard was i'm just ken play by ryan gosling. so i think he is the only one who really deserved an award. >> greg: jessica, i heard the -- a lot about house barbie. >> i have not heard that. but i have been in new hampshire. i was bummed about this mostly for redeker rate and i don't know how she could have. she did get the nomination but she could have averted it a billion dollar franchise movie and not have gotten it and the song itself should have been dominated. -- nominated. ryan gosling as an actor but that song was a huge hit. >> greg: pure sexism run and. >> jeanine: six of the eight nominated were females. number two is he got nominated
2:53 pm
for supporting after. she was not in the league of elite actors given the fact that we had emma stone and annette benning. those were major leading ladies and major films. so i'm not surprised that she was not nominated for that. it was not that demanding of a role. she just had to look perfect. >> her feet. >> greg: i'm more upset that jennifer lawrence did not get an oscar nod for "no hard feelings," probably one of the greatest female roles ever. the beach stunts were unbelievable. >> charlie: remarkable. i'm not surprised. >> martha: when martin scorsese got overlooked, people did not go, because he is a man. to count how many women and how many men if it has to be even. >> jessica: it does not have to be even.
2:54 pm
>> jeanine: what impressed you was that supporting actor? no. >> martha: i feel like they had to give it to a couple things in the movie. >> greg: she relinquishes -- way more interesting than what happened last night. [laughter] "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ i bought the team! kevin...? i bought the team! i put it on my chase freedom unlimited card. and i'm gonna' cashback on a few other things too... starting with the sound system! curry from deep. that's caaaaaaaaash. i prefer the old intro! this is much better! i don't think so! steph, one more thing... the team owner gets five minutes a game. cash bros? woo! i like it. i'll break it to klay.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: time for "one more thing." greg, hit it. >> greg: we are back tonight. lee zeldin continue, clearly hurt, kat timpf and tyrus tonight at 10:00. let's do this. greg's horse's angels. you know, i love to make a snow angel. but it's even better when you see a horse make a snow angel. >> are you stuck? >> greg: look at that. >> that's awesome. >> is he moving? >> is he dead? >> greg: played a little too hard in the snow and he can't get up. he is stuck in the snow.
2:59 pm
>> judge jeanine: oh, come on. >> greg: do you know they had to leave him there. >> martha: i think he wants his belly scratched. >> greg: sad story, actually. >> judge jeanine: very sad story. >> greg: he is fine. just watch it. >> greg: get the little guy out of the snow. this is a lesson to everybody when it snows, watch your horse. >> there he goes. >> judge jeanine: all right, jessica. >> so former nfl super star eli manning took part in the first ever draft tuesday. the event hoping for guiding eyes for the blind, nonprofit trains dogs for people with vision loss. he personally handed over a yellow lab named 10 after jersey number. handler happens tore the organorganization's president ao and they retired that jersey in 2021.
3:00 pm
>> check out robbers did their best impersonation of the 3 stooges, curly, larry and moe. larry the first to take a tumble. mo narrowly manages to stay on his feet. another group of them. all right. martha? >> martha: i like that segment. >> blockbuster. i do have nostalgia about going to blockbuster on friday night and arguing over which stack of movies bring home for the weekend and everybody could pick one. so, and. >> on time? >> judge jeanine: all right. >> greg: that's all free? >> charlie: check out this video of alligator completely frozen still with his nose sticking out of the top. thanks to global warming his swamp froze. >> greg: aw. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us have. great night, everybody. we'll be back. >> bret: hey, judge. i felt like that horse in the snow in new hampshire is


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